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CODENAME: Through the Mirror, Darkly


Enigmatic's new game is already in the pipeline. It's early stages yet, but we have an exciting project for a new game release coming.

You will need to bring all your gaming prowess for this new title that will see it's players sat on the edge of their seats. With a thrilling narrative and atmospheric surroundings, get ready for a trip to another world and feel the adventure unfold as you delve into a mind-blowing sequence of events where your decisions could shape the outcome.

While we can't give you much detail yet, we are very excited about the prospects of this game's excellent gameplay and immersive atmosphere.

Watch this space and keep an eye out for upcoming teaser content. 

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We believe the key behind a great game title are the Enigmas that make up our team. Our staff of skilled and talented individuals take our game concepts and turn them into gripping, immersive games. We are game lovers that build our passion into every release. A game made by gamers for gamers. Enigmatic's journey into the gaming industry is only just the beginning.