Our name 'Enigmatic Studios' comes from our ethos of building a studio of 'enigmas'. That is to say students and graduates who have the training and qualifications for the job, but are as yet unknown in the games world.

Our vision for each game is to open up work for a group of dedicated unknowns, and provide them with the experience they need to pursue a career in this lucrative industry.

At present our current team is constructed of students and graduates from the Universities of Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton Solent, Winchester and East London. Together we share in this ethos of building a stepping stone for passionate individuals into the industry, and on this we are particular proud.

Our Current Project 

Loki is the youngest of a group of mages who fought for many years to prevent the invasion of Dark Elves from the realm of Hel. After the defeat of the elves' leader Czernabolg and the security of Midgar assured, Loki thought her days of fighting were at an end. 

When an old friend disturbs her peace, Loki is once again thrust into action as old enemies reemerge, new friendships are forged and Loki sets down a path that will lead her into an even stranger world.

Take control of Loki and travel with her faithful companion Fenrir as the two seek to uncover the mystery of what is trying to rekindle the war and ensure the land's power is kept safe.

Sneak past enemies, uncover new powers and experience a tale of friendship and loss.


If you wish to join us in our journey, or have any questions you wish to ask please contact us on