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Our name comes from our ethos of building a studio of 'enigmas'. That is to say, students and graduates who have the training and qualifications for the job but are as yet unknown in the world of games.

Our vision for each game is to open up work for a group of dedicated unknowns and provide them with the experience they need to pursue a career in this competitive industry.

At present, our current team is constructed of students and graduates from the Universities of Bournemouth, Portsmouth, Southampton Solent, Winchester, East London, and Glasgow Caledonian. Together we share in this ethos of building a stepping stone for passionate individuals into the industry, and on this, we are particularly proud.



PLATFORMS: PlayStation

‘Moko and the Seven Gates’ is a 3D platformer inspired by Japanese folklore and set in a series of vibrant spirit realms. Drawing from many classics of the genre, players take control of a cat named Moko and maneuver him around levels collecting golden Yokai beetles on a quest to save Moko’s owner.




The core element that sets video games aside from other entertainment media. This is at the heart of everything we do and we strive to bring quality gaming to the community.


Because a game without a story feels like an empty shell of something that could be great. We work hard to build compelling narratives into our titles and give you something special.


Money makes the world go round, but passion gives it purpose. While we need money to fund our endeavors, we care more about showing you just how much we love games - and we will work at it regardless.


We want to share what we love with you and the community. Join us on an epic journey. No matter what realms we visit, we want you there with us - every step of the way.